Fools In Love

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Who would have thought over a year ago that i would meet the love of my life, be writing this post in our amazing art deco home filled with incredible things that my love and i have collected, sharing our engagement photos with you all…not me that’s for sure!

It’s amazing how life works, one minute you are so sure and content about where things are┬áleading and then out of the blue an amazing human enters your life and changes it all, suddenly your able to look back and giggle at how silly you were to think life had hit the ultimate peak..because there are still mountains to climb people..mountains of full hearts, adventures, passion and straight up warm fuzzy love!! The amazing Christine Lim met us on a warm day a few months ago and walked around Fremantle snapping away while we smooched and hung around on stoops like the rebels we are. The photos are truly amazing, how lucky we are!! Xx

(Dress is from Bluebird Vintage)

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