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Hair Roundup…

As this week is coming to a close I thought I would share a few styles I have been wearing since the heat has decided to stick around…damn…long! I am most definitely an Autumn/Winter girl that’s for sure, saving me from that awful “soaked hair on neck” situation I have been throwing it up in either a Gibson Tuck or Chignon Bun, which are both so easy and quick to do, then I decided to wear a bunch of flowers in my hair and lay on the floor too…which is perfectly normal…right?

I am thinking an easy video tutorial for the Chignon Bun is in order so I will get on to that soon!

On a similar note I am so happy to announce I will be styling tresses at this amazing event at the Flyby in Fremantle, you do need to buy tickets but once your in the doors there is a free swing dancing class, live jazz bands and of course you can get your hair styled by me!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend, I will be stopping by Fringe Festival for a show tonight and then lots of projects to conquer! Xx

Video Tutorial: Vintage Wave & Gibson Tuck (Ally’s version)

I am so very excited to share with you all another vintage hair tutorial, it has been quite some time since my previous one so I am bringing it back with a bang!

Last week I posted an image of my daily hairstyle on Instagram (@allyvintage) and I had so many requests for a tutorial I simply couldn’t say no, the style is a Vintage Wave and (my version) of a Gibson Tuck, the reason I say “my version” is that it is an adapted technique to what you may see posted anywhere else, this involves side rolling and no assistance of an elastic or topsy turvy manoeuvre, so if your game to try a new version this is a good place to start!

I was so fortunate to have my incredibly talented man film and edit this video and I am sure I will rope him into filming many more in the future too!

If you have any questions or need some advice about this style please write them in the comment section and I will answer them as best as I can! Xx

French Roll With A Twist..

A cute interpretation of the classic French Roll today which as most of my hairstyles are was a complete fluke. I had previously curled hair and did a simple roll at the back sectioning a piece from the left hand side to sweep backwards to join the roll, as it was already curled the little pin curl made its own formation to which then i just tucked in a few little flowers! Viola!!

A perfect little number for about third day hair as it has a little more grip and staying power, no need for hairspray really as a fixing spritzer should do the trick!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend planned, im hoping to cram in quite a lot even a trip to this is on the cards! Happy Friday! Xx

Hair Roundup…

Last week i was on a roll with my hairstyles, so much so i thought i better take photos of a few of them just to store in my “good hair day” file. When i have a frazzled hair day its always helpful to look back at previous styles to get a little inspiration!

On Saturday morning i was so happy to run another Vintage Valley hair how-to class, we had a good giggle and perfected our pin curls while surrounded by the amazingness that is Many6160 in Fremantle. I always love doing these workshops i end up meeting some pretty wonderful ladies. I Also managed to pot some new succulents that hopefully i dont kill too quickly and delved into the new Peppermint Magazine over a hot coffee, not a bad weekend i say!!

Image 1 – Betty Grable Inspired Up-Do

Image 2 – Vintage Wave with a Gibson Tuck and 1950’s headpiece

Image 3 – Secretary French Roll with Pin Curl Detailing

Vintage Valley Hair Workshop…

Can you believe its almost time for another Vintage Valley Hair How-To Workshop!!! I am so super excited about this one, i have more tricky bits and bobs for you to tackle and plus we all get to hang out at Many6160. Once again i am so generously being hosted by the incredible Studio Bomba who also offer a mind blowing amount of workshops that include vintage makeup, letterwriting and even making paper posies, so if you have idle fingers get to booking!

Vintage Valley Workshop
Date: 30th August 2014
Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm
Location: Many6160
Secure your spot HERE! 

(Also if you are up for learning vintage makeup there is a class straight after my workshop, a whole day of vintage goodness oh my!!!)

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