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Hair Care…

So after goodness knows how long i have finally made another video but this time it is not a tutorial! I have been asked a few times by a few amazing readers about which hair care products i use on a daily basis, and also what i use to set and curl my hair too!

Unfortunately it seems i have a have a habit of filming in poor lighting which i am beginning to think has something to do with the fact i live on the bottom floor of an apartment block that lets no light in! Its almost a dungeon haha.

If you have any questions after viewing please just ask away in the comments section Xx

Hair Tutorial: Betty Grable Rolls

 photo _MG_0241_zps2143d1cd.jpg

A few weeks ago i posted about a lazy Sunday hair style that i had thrown together and since you all asked so nicely for a tutorial i scrambled one together.

In true Ally style i filmed it on a overcast day with little to none sun light (typical) so i hope you are able to see the video okay and get the idea of how quick and easy this no fuss up do is! If you have any questions please leave a comment and ill answer it for you! Xx

Video Tutorial: Vintage Wave

So here we have it! Another quick, easy vintage up-do.
My apologies for the length of the video i hope you have a good five min to spare and for how dark it was when i filmed this…overcast days are not the best!

I hope it is easy enough to follow if you need any questions answered please just comment and i will reply.


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