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Charlie Stone: Dance Shoes Review

One of the many on-going pursuits for a lindy hopper is finding brilliant shoes. As i have only been dancing for just over a year i have slowly been attempting to transition to small dancing heels as well as my comfy keds and flats, the only problem we of course run into is finding a shoe that is stylish with a vintage vibe, dosent require your first born to pay for, are comfortable and have the stability to get you through a solid night of dancing!

I have made ALL of the mistakes worn shoes too tight, too loose, too high and too clunky which has resulted in squished toes, blisters, sore ankles AND the old faithful flinging of the shoe across the dance floor. But as you mature into an obsessed lindy hopper i guess you also become aware that looking after your feet are a top priority, you cant be doing the snake hips with damaged ankles now!

I took my very first pair of Charlie Stone dance shoes for a spin over the weekend and they are honestly….amazing! It is no wonder they are going gangbusters in Singapore at the moment, it seriously feels like you are stepping on squishy clouds (ok mild exaggeration) but they are all they promise and more! I already have plans to invest in the black pair too. I have been advised that they do take a little time to wear in properly as they are leather, but should mold to your feet in time. The leather sole is also perfectly smooth without being too slippy so its just the perfect amount of swivel power!

So to the lindy ladies out there if you are needing some new kicks these are your go-to! If you want to find out more information follow THIS LINK! They also have an amazing Instagram account @charliestoneshoes if you follow along you can keep up to date with all their current styles and lindy love too!

 P.S- They also have free shipping anywhere in the world!

(Thank you to Dabsy Cola for taking the photos and to Michael for being my dancing man prop)

Charleston Charmers…

 photo 23_zpse9ed8149.jpg

 photo 56_zpse904059f.jpg

 photo photo3_zps6c838397.jpg

 photo photo4_zpsa4719227.jpg

 photo photo2_zps600e623a.jpg

 photo photo1_zpsadb55f9e.jpg
After many early Saturday mornings of training and costume sewing, last weekend the Perth Swing Dance Academy dance troup shimmied and kicked our way through a few 1920’s Charleston routines at the Parmelia Hilton for a Murdoch University Ball! It was so much fun and i am glad that even if i think each time i am going to forget all the steps and freeze on the spot it never happens (phew), i think everyone scrubbed up rather nicely too and i had some fun whipping out the finger waves!

(Wearing: Op Shopped & altered dress (i added fringing and sleeves) & Rivers shoes)

Frankie 100…

A few weeks ago i was lucky to be filmed dancing in the Perth Swing Dance Academy Frankie 100 video!

Every year New York hosts their annual Frankie Lindy Hop exchange and crazed dancers flock from all over the world to celebrate the birthday of Frankie Manning, who was one of the founding fathers of Lindy Hop.

I have read many biographies on this great man and still find myself in awe of how much happiness he brought the world through his love of dance! If i close my eyes i can almost envision myself dancing at the Savoy Ballroom in the 30’s…if only right?

I hope you all enjoy watching my lanky limbs hop all over the place! And if you have ever wanted to give Swing Dancing a go and live in Perth…i insist you click HERE!

“When you are dancing with your partner, for that two and a half minutes, you are in love with each other. You’re corresponding with each other by the moves that you make. It’s a love affair, between you and your partner and the music. You feel the music, you feel your partner, she feels you and she feels the music. So there the three of you are together. You’ve got a triangle, you know. Which one do you love best?” -Frankie Manning

Hullabaloo 2014

 photo 1973858_10152061296402135_795153975193089922_o_zps661b3fca.jpg

 photo 1397678_10152065673717135_694317167920864675_o_zps23de4d4f.jpg

 photo 1014064_10152065672572135_4145276337009523797_n_zpsdf4dfee1.jpgHow do i begin to tell you about last weekend, the biggest swing dance exchange (Hullabaloo) held over four days and nights that literally melted and blew my mind!

Since it was my first exchange i didnt know what to expect and i also had not prepared my poor legs and feet for the pain that was about to come! But it was incredible!! i attended workshops with teachers from all over the world and danced with leads i hadnt had the gumption to ask for a dance yet, i lived off a diet of raisin toast and coffee and danced until 3:00am in my pyjamas at the Pyjama Jam! My hair and wardrobe had a fair workout and the weekend ended with lots of memories and a few injuries (which means i had a hell of a time)

I know i talk about my dancing quite alot, but it definitely is a very big part of my life i almost live and breathe it! Not only do i love the dance but its the community that keep me excited to attend the next social or event…i havent met a group of people so welcoming and full of life…why wouldnt you want to surround yourself with such people!

I thought i would upload a few dancing photos taken by the incredible Mark Rotondella, im wearing two of my all time fav 50’s dresses and they survived to tell the tale too!

Happy Wednesday!

New Years Eve…

 photo 1545909_10151845590942135_888218867_n_zps84c643f4.jpg

 photo 1497657_10151845588477135_1993228520_n_zps4cd700c2.jpg

 photo 1553339_10151845602297135_714330061_o_zps85df913c.jpg
My New Year plans were very up in the air until the very last moment, i dont usually get all jazzed about spending alot of money to bring in another year(usually i am in my pyjamas watching a rom-com and asleep before 12:01am)but this year i decided to go dancing at The Brown Fox with all my super amazing lindy hop buddies!

I found this incredible vintage dress at Bluebird Vintage the print is divine and very easy to dance in too (bonus)…I had officially the most incredible night filled with jazz, wine and lots of count down hugs and kisses!

I think a new tradition was born…bringing in a new year with good friends, vintage goodness and lots and lots of dancing..too good for the soul i say!!

I hope your New Year was just as amazing Xx

(Photos: By the amazing Mark Rotondella)

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