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Charlie Stone: Dance Shoes Review

One of the many on-going pursuits for a lindy hopper is finding brilliant shoes. As i have only been dancing for just over a year i have slowly been attempting to transition to small dancing heels as well as my comfy keds and flats, the only problem we of course run into is finding a shoe that is stylish with a vintage vibe, dosent require your first born to pay for, are comfortable and have the stability to get you through a solid night of dancing!

I have made ALL of the mistakes worn shoes too tight, too loose, too high and too clunky which has resulted in squished toes, blisters, sore ankles AND the old faithful flinging of the shoe across the dance floor. But as you mature into an obsessed lindy hopper i guess you also become aware that looking after your feet are a top priority, you cant be doing the snake hips with damaged ankles now!

I took my very first pair of Charlie Stone dance shoes for a spin over the weekend and they are honestly….amazing! It is no wonder they are going gangbusters in Singapore at the moment, it seriously feels like you are stepping on squishy clouds (ok mild exaggeration) but they are all they promise and more! I already have plans to invest in the black pair too. I have been advised that they do take a little time to wear in properly as they are leather, but should mold to your feet in time. The leather sole is also perfectly smooth without being too slippy so its just the perfect amount of swivel power!

So to the lindy ladies out there if you are needing some new kicks these are your go-to! If you want to find out more information follow THIS LINK! They also have an amazing Instagram account @charliestoneshoes if you follow along you can keep up to date with all their current styles and lindy love too!

 P.S- They also have free shipping anywhere in the world!

(Thank you to Dabsy Cola for taking the photos and to Michael for being my dancing man prop)

Pink & Gold…

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 photo 3_zps4ded6565.jpg
It almost seems people are moving in slow motion her in Perth, as soon as there is a little wind and rain people cease to remember how to drive and scurry around with furrowed brows! I on the other hand have been waiting for the cool change, i love it! I dodge rain showers but love to jump over puddles and feel the slight sprinkle of rain on my cheeks! It also means the trees are reflecting beautiful shades of gold and auburn and all my creative senses perk up….time to dust off the old writing book, i feel a poem coming!

This pink skirt since finding it in an op shop a few years ago has been an absolute favourite, its swooshy and has a nice weight to it so im not stressing that im going to flash everone down the street when the wind picks up! I hope your all enjoying your change in season no matter where you are! Happy Thursday Xx

(Wearing: Vintage pink skirt, op shopped blouse, ModCloth shoes)

Django & Juliette…

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Blustery weather means the search for new winter shoes has started, I usually treat myself to a few new pairs to get me through as the shoes i have from the year before have telltale signs of puddle jumping and leaf kicking.

I am pretty basic when it comes to choosing! usually black, cream and tan are on the list (as they go with everything) i managed to score on these Django & Juliette shoes as my friend had originally put them aside for herself! After much debating she decided they were not going to get enough wear so i swooped in and snapped them up before she could change her mind! (benefits of having friends with the same size feet).

Well im off to have another coffee…i think its a double shot kind of day!

(Shoes: Django & Juliette, Vintage Dress, Wuthering Heights Book & Diana Camera) 

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