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50’s Floral…

This dress would have to be one of my favourite finds, my love and I spent a lazy Sunday afternoon last year in Memory Lane looking at all the pieces we could only dream of owning and then there she was, an original 1950’s handmade floral dream…and it fit.
Although the corners of the bust needed a little TLC it was basically in perfect condition, I tried it on and then had to do the sad routine of putting it back on the hanger and walking away because my bank account was screaming “Ahhhhh NO” at me…but my love is one super sweet sneaky man and paid for it while I was sticking my nose into a pile of gloves and had no clue! Totally surprised me!!
I wore it out on Saturday for coffee and a little vintage snooping before we had a little Valentines Day picnic, the breeze was perfect for a little twirling. I am also wearing a necklace that was gifted to me by my mother in law, I am trying to make more of an effort to wear necklaces and earrings…for some reason I always tend to shy away from them!
I hope you all had an incredible weekend! Xx
(Wearing: Vintage 1950’s floral dress, vintage purse, vintage necklace, Target flats)

Daylesford Lavender….

During our time in Melbourne we decided to take a drive to Daylesford which is around an hour and a half out of the city centre, i love a good drive so i was pretty excited to get out of the hustle and bustle for a day.

We slowly meandered up winding roads and as you looked upwards the branches almost seemed as if they were hugging you and merrily bouncing the sun upon your face, it sent welcome bursts of warmth and cool as they would dissapear again and hide behind shaded branches, the houses and farms whizzed by and my love and i chatted about our plans for the year ahead.

We were on a small mission though to find the Mill Markets and spend a lazy afternoon rummaging and after a few hours we did find an amazing 1950’s Gayware kitchen cannister set in grey and pink (Image available on my Instagram account if your interested) we had been on a hunt for one for a long..long..time so it was nice to find it!

On the way home we stopped at a Lavender field that sits next to the Sault Restaurant, i had aways wanted to frolick in a lavender field (i mean who wouldnt want to) and i set about doing just that, my love was kind enought to snap some photos for me too (such a lucky woman) he managed to capture my exact feeling..just pure bliss!!! Aside from the occasional (almost) bee attack and dodging spiderwebs it was just as magical as i had imagined!

I am sad to say this is the last set of photos from our trip, instead of sunny lavender fields and Melbourne backstreets Perth is making a return to the blog. I hope you all enjoyed seeing a little of our adventures though!

Happy Friday…i am so looking forward to this long weekend, going to make the most of it thats for sure!!!

(Wearing: Vintage 1950’s yellow day dress) 


After wearing vintage clothing for the majority of my life i would have to say that it is the detailing that makes me ooh and ahh over a piece, the cut of a dress is still extremely important but if i find a hidden pocket, scalloped edges, back bow, sequins or even rope detailing like this dress…ohhh my i am all over that!

My love is somehow so in tune with knowing i really really am lusting over a certain dress, (with no mention from me) i had ventured into Bluebird Vintage a few times and thought about bringing this green beauty home but decided against it due to being around the silly season! But on Christmas morning i unwrapped a present from my love and there she was!!! Its a dream to wear, fits perfectly and is the most amazing “throw on and go” vintage dress i own. I was pretty much sold at big buttons and rope detailing…yes…just yes!!!

We stopped by this amazing flowering path on our way to an antique shop in Geelong i still remember the sweet aroma and cool breeze…ohh Geelong..i miss you!

I am so looking forward to this weekend, lindy hop tonight and a small engagement party on Sunday to celebrate with family and friends, bring on the champagne and cake!!

(Wearing: 1950’s vintage dress, 1950’s sunglasses, vintage gifted purse, Target flats & gifted brooch)

Melbourne Love…

On New Years Eve my love and i got dolled up and headed out to buy wine and food for our chilled evening ahead, we walked along the sun speckled sidewalks towards the bustling main street where people were already celebrating in restaurants and bars, and the air felt so warm and full of chatter and the coming years resolutions!!

We stopped to take a few photos just before the sun decided it was done for the day and looking back i couldnt have picked a more beautiful dress to bring in the New Year! I found it whilst scouring the racks at Retro Star in Melbourne, we literally walked in and lost at least two hours trying on pieces and having in-depth descussions on what to cull from the “definitely getting” pile. This beauty was coming home with me no matter what, a cute flower print with a pink bow too delicious to even truly feel special wearing this one!

I still have so many photos to share from our trip to Melbourne and Geelong, i will post them soon (sparingly i promise) cant wait to share stories about our adventures!

Photographs: By my love

(Wearing: Vintage 1950’s Retro Star Dress, Vintage Bag, Vintage Sunglasses & Vintage brooch gifted from my love)

Rolled and Ready…

I thought i would do a small post today about one of my favourite hairstyles this week, i knew i was going to be heading out on a boat all day for my work christmas party so i made sure it was up and solidly hairsprayed, just so you know it was even still in place enough to teach a lindy class afterwards so..huzzah!!

Just a slight description would be a vintage fringe roll and Lucy rolls, its such an easy style i think i even may have to do a video tutorial for you all! I also wanted to show off my amazing magazines my love came home from Melbourne with, they are so hilarious to read i just love vintage articles!!

I hope you all have amazing plans for this weekend, i have lots of dinners and dancing and im sure lots of gin to be drinking too!!

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