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Etsy Lust List…

 photo photo_zps2bbbe974.jpgSince the weather is cooling down quite rapidly in Australia i am having to re-think my wardrobe choices in the morning, i have never been able to make the transition into darker colours (trust me i have tried) so it forces me to be a little creative and add winter(ish) accessories to my pastel and bright coloured pieces. I thought i would for this round however say goodbye to straw hats, sleeveless blouses and bare legs one last time! 

VezaVe – Nautical Vintage 60’s Hat
 I think my heart skipped a beat when i found this adorable 60’s straw and patent leather hat,i came so close to buying it a few times but my poor wallet said otherwise! If any of you lovely ladies take the plunge and buy it you MUST send me a photo of you wearing it, it would make me pretty darn happy to know it was getting a new lease on life, a hat this adorable needs to be taken out on the town!

Seaofvintage – Vintage 1950’s Baby Doll Heels
I often fall in love with shoes that are NEVER in my size none the less i can still admire them from a distance, if you have size 7 feet i encourage you to get on these beautiful original 50’s shoes (gah…perfection) I also am a little obsessed with Sea Of Vintage’s Etsy shop, she has the most incredible pieces!

Secretlake – White Lace Sleeveless Cotton Blouse 
Every girl should own a classic white sleeveless blouse, especially if you wear as many circle skirts as i do! Its a go-to in my wardrobe, this adorable one caught my eye because it has everything i look for, perfectly cut with subtle detailing!

Jumblelaya – 1950’s Mexican Circle Skirt 
I almost have a desperate need for this skirt, the print, the colours! Its like i have died and gone to 50’s circle skirt heaven! sometimes you just find pieces that are an art form all of their own!

Kernowgems – Marcasite Duette Brooch
If you havent seen or heard of a “duette” brooch then let me officially blow..your..mind! They are mostly marcasite and i am assuming were designed in the 20’s right through to the 40’s! They have two functions and can be used as a brooch and then unclipped to seperate the sides into shoe or blouse clips! Come on….its like jewellery heaven! I have been on the hunt for a few beautiful ones to add to my growing brooch collection and this little beauty would fit right in i think!

I think i went a little overboard with my selections this week, but they all deserved a mention i think! If you find any pieces on Etsy you absolutely love or think i could add to my Lust List, send me an email, i love hearing from you all.

Happy Friday! Xx

Etsy: Lust List…

 photo photo_zps784a33d6.jpgAs a self confessed addict to vintage fashion and home wares I thought I would start to regularly share with you all my lust lists…these of course are very long and include everything you could possibly imagine from the perfect pleated black skirt to a vintage enamel brooch shaped like a poodle! As I know I am (hopefully) not alone in this addiction I hope we can all support each other with lots of encouragement and small sips of water to prevent hyperventilation over the vintage drool worthy pieces coming at you from your computer screen during this series!

The majority of the pieces I end up saving to the list are from Etsy, its definitely not on purpose but when they make it so damn easy to find absolutely EVERYTHING you need in one spot…Its like a vortex an incredible, purse emptying, start the car, yeah I got the only one ever in existence vortex…it will leave you checking the door like a crazy person just in case it arrived and for some reason (even though you are camped out at your door) you might not have heard the postman.

 So…dun dun dun dunnnn!

Here is my first Lust List round up, and like everything I stitch pic things into coordinated outfits (just because….ok…we said no judging here guys…this is an open environment right?)

The swirls on these vintage Oxfords make my stomach flip, all the amazingness right there!
White Oxford Shoes from allencompany

I have been on the hunt for a princess coat like this for too!!!
1940’s Red Princess Coat from Guermantes Vintage

Ahhhh This dress jumped from my computer into my dreams, although I wouldn’t team it with a red belt, I wouldn’t wear any belt actually I think it speaks louder on its own! Perfection!
Blue Black 1950’s Cocktail Dress from CocoandMillie

Lastly. This beaded bag is too darn cute, I don’t have enough beaded goodness in my life.
Mid Century Beaded Cream Purse from evaelena

Happy Easter guys Xx