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I just realised that i havent posted an Instagram “Lately” post in awhile and i also havent been able to scrum up a proper outfit post for the blog this week (i know, i know…letting the team down) so i figured, no better time than today!
1 – Finding this incredible book ‘Lifestyle Illustrations of the 50’s’ at my local bookshop meant i spent the majority of my morning drooling over each page…do yourself a favour and source a copy the images are truly amazing.
2 – No better time to break out a selfie than to celebrate new lipstick, cherry red from Rimmel is quite possibly my new favourite shade! 
3 – My dried flower collection that i have scattered throughout my apartment in vintage glass bottles, each type of flower has its own story and memory attached to it.
4 – Off for a Sunday cider, these vintage pants were an amazing op shop find! They fit like a glove.
5 – I bunny sat for a friend of mine this week, Henry is possibly the cutest thing…he did allow me one cuddle and then decided he was done with me haha, his pensive face just gets me every time i look at this picture!!
6 – Afternoon walks around my work neighbourhood, Spring is just too darn lovely!
7 – Morning ritual of coffee, banana bread, fresh flowers and a vintage magazine!
8 – Lurking around in my red mary janes, there is seriously nothing better than the sun warming your skin, birds chirping and flowers in bloom it just makes my heart sing!
9 – Possibly the most amazing gig i have been to in a long time, Tuba Skinny made the trip all the way from New Orleans to play in Perth, incredible authentic jazz…the room was just buzzing and i had to hold myself down fom dancing between the tables! Look them up if you are not already familiar with their music, its truly food for the soul! 
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This time of year is definitely soul cleansing for me, a simple walk around a dewdrop covered suburb with the sunlight dancing through the auburn leaves just forces me to take a deep breath and be thankful for everything i have around me. It also makes me want to jump in puddles, pull out my vintage blouses and dust off the gloves too! Absolute bliss.

I have been in full swing prepping for my workshop this Sunday, if you have haven’t had the chance to book yourself in i still have a few spots with your name written all over it. Follow THIS link to book! We will be mastering the art of pin curling, french rolls and even delving into 40’s style Queue curls too!

I have a full night of lindy hop planned as well as copius amounts of hot chocolate and a charleston dance peformance tomorrow! Its going to be a big weekend!



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A small snippet of what life has been like lately (through my iphone lens)…filled with small adventures around my city in the small amount of time i have had free from dancing, eating Macarons like a fiend & if you havent discovered Cronuts yet…get on to it! Imagine a Doughnut and a Croissant having a baby (your welcome) and catching up on a bit of reading! I feel like i am managing the work/play/rest ratio pretty well lately, when i feel like i dont have any spare time to cram anything in..then bam..i have a random afternoon free to loiter around my apartment in warm socks reading my novels! I think thats all i could ever ask for in life really…a good balance of things that inspire me and keep me happy injected with moments of adult things like work and paying bills! Xx


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1 – Trying out a new lipstick L’Oreal mulberry..loving it so far

2 – Half Moon nails(not my best attempt)

3 – Morning poetry with sleepy eyes, click on the Instagram image to read the poem if your curious!

4 – Off to swing dancing in my shapes dress

5 – Sundays at my Grandmothers means jewellery show and tell, her 1940’s buckles are incredible.

6 – Today’s afternoon snack, blueberry muffin and fruit!

7 – Goodies off to a lovely friend and afternoon coffee

8 – Swing dancing at the Beligian Beer Cafe (my happy place)

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What a crazy whirlwind week i have had, i am just about ready for this weekend to start..lots of dancing and gin & tonics please!! I thought i would share a little of what the past few weeks have entailed via good old Instagram!

1 – Today’s hair and makeup (wearing my trusty 50’s fruit dress)

2 – Amazing decals and vintage mirror in Mr Sparrow, so cute!

3 – Fresh flowers for my apartment!

4 – My fav grey pencil skirt and a 60’s brooch fastened to my waist.

5 – Just before our 1920’s Charleston performance i had severe butterflys right as this photo was taken!

6 – Our dapper partners for the Charleston routine (they scrub up alright)

7 – My two loves, Duke and Gertie!

8 – Fresh Apple, Orange and Watermelon juice…yumm!

9 – My great grandmothers pearl set, she is on the right in the photograph! They are my most treasured heirloom!

10 – Currently on my bedroom shelf, i have been teaching myself Ukulele….im pretty terrible but i am slowly getting there!!

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