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Vintage Hair Inspiration…

Yesterday i was so excited to see Vintage Valley was featured on Buzz Feed alongside 26 other incredibly inspiring vintage lasses and their hairstyle tutorials!

Click HERE to have a browse and see if you can spot me (pssst…im number 21) Xx

Book Review: Art Deco Hair

Inside my small apartment I have hoards of vintage hairstyling books and manuals, all of course claiming to be authentic to the era, the majority of them I have looked at once, thought ‘oh yeah, so easy’ put the book down, made a cup of coffee, settled in front of the mirror and attempted the style multiple times only to end up hurling my comb across the floor in defiance loudly stating ‘what a load of nonsense’

So when i found this Art Deco Hair book by Daniela Turudich tucked away on the shelves of my local bookshop I swear to you time may have stopped for a while, I sat in that book shop trawling over the pages and muttering to myself like an absolutely loony! And so I determined it simply had to come home with me.

Like all the books claiming to be era authentic this book actually is, it provides the history and methods behind each style and puts it in terms that anyone can understand! I nailed a 30’s soft finger wave first try (I may or may not have washed my hair for a few days just to keep the style, I was so happy with it..TMI? haha)

So i thought i would share a few pages out of the book and these don’t even do it justice (it is 320 pages long) I have been told also that it is a little difficult to find this book loitering around a bookshop so if you see it online jump on it!

I simply can’t begin to express my love for this book and so all I can say is if you are a 20’s – 30’s hair enthusiast…buy it!

2014 i have some big plans for you…

 photo 12_zps6364945d.jpg
Looking back at 2013 i would have to say it was filled with both trying and amazing times, i ended a relationship, worked my way through bouts of anxiety,learned alot about who i was, met some incredible people, started swing dancing which has snowballed into an obsession and genuinely became…happy and content with life! I’d say it was my bridge year…getting across it means that 2014 is going to be pretty swell.

I know people get right into making goals and plans, but im a fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal…i dont make big plans i focus on today! So in light of the things i learned last year ive made a list of things to possibly avoid and repeat during this already amazing year.

Avoid – Using questionable condiments from my fridge to make a late night pasta…it wont end well (sniff test does not suffice)

Repeat – Befriending people while waiting in public places…the stories they tell are priceless.

Avoid – Dating websites…i have seen enough shirtless men and bed/pillow photos to stay in the “horrified” section of my brain…forever!

Repeat – Splashing out on an expensive vintage dress..just well as the “purchase high” i didnt and still dont regret it.

Avoid – Wearing tight delicate vintage pencil skirts to work, the seams will split…and no cardigan around the waist can fix that mess.

Repeat – Go on an un-planned trip, hit the open road with a playlist (to sing super loud to) and a passenger seat filled with snacks.

Avoid – Ruining potentially an amazing vintage dress because i became scissor happy..and assumed my sewing skills were far more advanced than they are.

Repeat – Writing down things that inspire, motivate and captivate me every day, looking back at my little journal has been amazing.

Avoid – Constantly double booking myself..i have a “fear of missing out syndrome” and will agree to come to everything..and then end up letting someone down anyway!

Repeat – Allowing people “in” sometimes its nice to let people do things for me, just because..and making it easy for them to do so.

So there it is…if i was to set myself one goal, id say it would be to swing dance in another country..somewhere, but ill keep you posted on that one!


Accessorising: Flower Love

 photo pink_zps8366573c.jpg

 photo green_zps2d3be98a.jpg

 photo Grey_zpsb2175423.jpg
I have been completely obsessing over the idea of accessorising with pieces that make an impact but are still pretty and natural, I have been wearing brooches in clusters on the waistline of my pencil skirts and draping colourful scarves through the belt on my dresses!

One amazing idea is pinning fresh flowers to your outfits! I spotted the photograph of the pink dress a few months ago and it has stuck in my mind ever since, after that I then I started seeing it everywhere!!

It’s just such a cute and fresh way to add a little colour without going too crazy!

 Love it!

(All images from MyVintageVogue)


 photo _MG_0340_zps31d890c9.jpg

 photo photo_zps8380dd64.jpg
Over the weekend i fell in love…with Duke! Is he not the most handsome little creature?

After a hard start to the year and having to say goodbye to my beloved Boots which i now only see every now and then, my little apartment was feeling a tad empty as i am used to always having life around me either pets or people.

Living by myself does have its perks but was lacking a little something..and since a pup is out of the question and fish dont hug Duke is the next best thing!

He took a day or so to get used to my loud noises and constant chatter but he is now jumping around and chirping away! I was so surprised at how much personality he already has and i am thinking i can teach him a few little tricks..eventually!

So instead of turning into a crazy succulent collector im now a bird lady…who would have thought!


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