Fools In Love

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Who would have thought over a year ago that i would meet the love of my life, be writing this post in our amazing art deco home filled with incredible things that my love and i have collected, sharing our engagement photos with you all…not me that’s for sure!

It’s amazing how life works, one minute you are so sure and content about where things are¬†leading and then out of the blue an amazing human enters your life and changes it all, suddenly your able to look back and giggle at how silly you were to think life had hit the ultimate peak..because there are still mountains to climb people..mountains of full hearts, adventures, passion and straight up warm fuzzy love!! The amazing Christine Lim met us on a warm day a few months ago and walked around Fremantle snapping away while we smooched and hung around on stoops like the rebels we are. The photos are truly amazing, how lucky we are!! Xx

(Dress is from Bluebird Vintage)

First Comes Love Fair

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Wow, where to even begin wrapping up last weekend at the First Comes Love Fair…to keep it to the point…it was a complete sensory overload, Perth really is a hub of seriously talented ladies and gents and it was amazing to be in the same room with some of the vendors i really do admire.

I was a little nervous to be honest (ok, really nervous) after a slight meltdown in our bathroom just before i had to leave the house, one damn curl was still damp from my roller set the night before, and it just REFUSED to re-curl (there were tears my friends) i kept mumbling “of all the damn days to have a shit hair day” and my fianc√© just stood in the doorway trying not to look bewildered by my outburst of emotion and give me encouraging words haha but as is all things unknown, once you get there and delve on in head first it all isn’t as scary as you imagine it to be and having my own little stall to chat to all the bride’s was truly a humbling experience for me, it was also lovely to meet so many ladies who follow the blog and my Instagram account too (thanks for the hugs guys).

I was lucky enough to be asked to style the tresses of two songbirds from the Darling a cappella group, they were all such insanely talented ladies, i opted for a Betty Grable style and a toned down Pageboy, they all looked gorgeous!

I think i will have many more fair’s in the future for Vintage Valley and I’m so glad my first one was a success! Yay! Thank you to everyone who came down to say hi and for the brides putting up with my excited babble. Xx

New Peepers…

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Guess who is the owner of a brand spanking new/old pair of peepers…well that would be me! I had often wondered when it would be time for me to have them as i belong to a family who all have glasses, although i don’t need them all the time they are just for long distances and to perk up my left eye since its so sad it has been letting the team down and allowing the right eye to pick up the slack..cheeky, lazy bugger!

I found the 1950’s frames from Etsy, i wanted the perfect cat eye frame and since a lot of the frames i had seen in the past seemed to have a very front facing slant i was weary to buy any online…the lovely lass who sold them to me however humoured me by taking photos of them on her face so i could see the dimensions and position of them..too darn lovely if you ask me!

They arrived and i was instantly in love, in perfect condition (excepting a small scratch on the right arm) i was super excited to take them in to have the frames fitted! To the spectacle mans delight (it is spectacle man right?…eye doc..eye magician? i think I’m pretty close) he was thrilled to fit a 50’s original frame.

So there you go, i have new specs and I’m sure they will take a little getting used to but I’m one chuffed lady! Xx

Happy Friday!!

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