Well, where to start…hello 2016!!! We kick started our year off by camping in Lane Pool and doing nothing but relax and float on the river in a big blow up boat, this year is truly going to be a big one..i am marrying the man who i still believe is too amazing to be true, watching other close friends get married, travelling to Hawaii for our honeymoon and celebrating my friends turning 30 (wowza..yup that includes me too eeeek) there is so much to be thankful for and i can’t wait for it all!!

So this is a few photos from Instagram that have been uploaded in the past few weeks, i am going to make this space an interactive and amazing space for you all this year so i hope your ready for it all 🙂 🙂 Xx

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Tales of Tasmania

Well we have arrived safe and sound back in little old Perth, if you were following on Instagram you may have noticed we took a sneaky trip up to Geelong and then Tasmania, my love was playing in a disc golf tournament so i decided to tag along (p.s – he did very well)!

Since i am not the most well travelled lass i always get super excited to see new and exciting places and of course i manage to eat my way through every one of their bakery’s. The weather was quite mild so i managed to get away with light cotton skirts and a cotton coat most of the time which was great because i always over pack somehow!

Tasmania sure is the place to fill a restless soul, the air is sweet and every road somehow winds up in a small village that has a cracking cider house (so, so much cider) my favourite was Willie Smith’s cider house…as you walked in the whole place smells like apple pie and rich woodwork, i was in heaven!

We did a little vintage shopping and came home with some goodies, but my favourite part of the trip was just relaxing, taking in the breathtaking sights, roaming around MONA and hanging with my love before all the wedding craziness happens next year!

Uhhh…and seriously…Eeeeekkk….its also time to put up the christmas tree! Xxphoto 10 photo 6 photo 9 photo 8 photo 7 photo 4photo 5
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