Travel Guide To Hawaii

We have returned from our honeymoon in Hawaii with full hearts and to be honest 5kilos heavier (thanks for that, damn tasty island food) i can’t even begin to tell you how amazing the experience was, it truly is more lush, vibrant, spiritual and awe inspiring than anything i have ever read or seen, honestly photos do not do Hawaii need to see it for yourself! We chose two islands to visit (Oahu and Maui) rather than trying to pack them all in and i think that was the best decision we could have made, we had plenty of time on our 13 day trip to see/do all that we wanted to.

I thought i would write up a little travel guide (based on our experience) as there were so many small gems and places we found ourselves in that i couldn’t wait to share with you all, if your heading to Oahu and Maui soon then get up, in and all around this post!

We arrived fresh off a 8 1/2 hour flight from Melbourne to a warm and golden Oahu, before we were able to check into our hotel we decided to check out Waikiki Beach in Honolulu and find coffee, the hilarious hour or so of attempting left hand drive and trying to find said coffee burned through some time before we rested our weary bodies on the grassy section of the beach and felt the buzz of excitement. Waikiki is great for tourists wanting to hire boards, drink Mai Tai’s on the sand, check out the pink hotel and just take in the awesomeness!

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Breezy Greens…

Last weekend (it being a three day one at that) we decided to take a drive to Yanchep National Park to not only see the Koala’s but chill out under the breezy trees and just stop with all things “adulting” for a little while, things have been so crazy with wedding planning and Vintage Valley its important to switch off every now and then, even if its just for an hour or so and i find trees so calming, the way they just sway in the breeze as if to say hello. I wore a cute little vintage pastel pink tie top and a floral skirt i picked up in Melbourne a few months ago, if i am ever needing to just throw on something this is a go-to outfit!
IMG_4091 IMG_4051 IMG_4074I can’t wait to share with you all photos of the wedding (5 weeks to go) my dress is an original 1950’s and so adorable!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend Xx Ally

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