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So, here it is…the first blog post for 2017 and also the first time i have written in a year, it is actually crazy how time flys like that, one moment your getting married and working hard at the Vintage Valley business and vavooooom…a year of your life has gone!!! Well i am going to make more of an effort to write to you all, if there is anyone out there helloo?? haha


Our Wedding

Even as i look back at the photos i still remember every detail from our wedding day, what the rush to get ready in the morning felt like, to my husband’s scent as i hugged him after our first look. We had spent a year or so doing all things DIY for the day as we both like to get creative and wanted a very specific vibe, everything from sourcing plates and cutlery to making our anniversary piƱata and sourcing all place settings and flowers. We held the reception at The Stanley which was where we had our first date, it was small and cozy and we wanted it to be held in a meaningful place for us both, we had a ring warming table so guests could “warm” our rings and give us good thoughts and wishes for our marriage which was lovely. What resulted was an amazing day that was completely “us”.

As we are not vey traditional people we didn’t want a very traditional wedding, so we opted out on having a bridal party and had our closest people doing important things, like being our witness, reading a poem at the ceremony or doing a speech. We had a first look in our favourite park, took photos before the ceremony so we could relax with our family and friends afterwards and walked down the aisle together, hand in hand.

I wore a 1950’s wedding dress that was in near perfect condition, the lace was a little fragile but it held up for the day and my second dress was also 1950’s and i purchased it from Etsy, i needed a shorter dress so i could swing dance without any problems, my headpiece is also vintage and i bought it a few years ago but was still so in love with the style so i chose to wear it on the day! My Husband wore all vintage except for his hat and shirt and the shoes were a pair of vintage Ralph Lauren he found on Ebay, so amazing!

A highlight was definitely our pie table, when we were looking at dessert options my only contribution was…pie, i want pie haha! They were amazing (well, so I’m told) we had our first dance and then i was so caught up on dancing to our band i missed out…i missed out on the dang pie! (links to our amazing set up people at the end of the photos).



Vintage Valley E-Class Launch

I am very excited to announce that the Vintage Valley’s first E-Class is now available for purchase.

This class will be perfect for anyone wanting to start at the very beginning of vintage hairstyling or brush up on those techniques that may have become a little rusty.
Each video is 15-20min long and will take you through pin curling techniques to teasing and pin application all the way to mastering a Gibson Tuck!

I hope to have a new e-class available every three months so you will have a range of styling videos to keep your hairstyles looking amazing and your knowledge increasing as you go.

To purchase the e-class follow the link below or find Shop E-Classes on the homepage!


Xx Ally

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